Baby makes days hazy

Since Judah's been with us... we've been a little spacey. People had said this would happen... but I doubted them. I run a pretty organized ship, both inside and out of the cockpit. Few things are left to chance and procedures are followed to ensure the desired outcome.

This morning, I forgot the second to last step in making a cup of coffee - Place cup under spout. I didn't forget the last step - Press "brew".

Hotel Coffee Fail


My wife and I have been splitting our new role as parents down the middle. I've been bidding weekend trips allowing me to be a stay-at-home dad for most of the week and then she takes over when I leave for the weekend. Although it's hard to leave home... being on the road offers a nice break from parenting. I get to sleep in a big bed without a baby monitor humming within arms reach. I can sleep in and then wake to watch mindless tv. And I get to have a coffee maker next to the bed so I can make a cup without even having to get dressed. But, lesson learned - next time I will put on my glasses before hitting 'brew'. Or, I could just bring Mommy Stork along and leave the baby with a sitter. She could use the break and I don't think she'd let me try and brew two cups of coffee in the same cup.