Watching the Wheels in Motion


"In our personal lives, also, we journey from ignorance to knowledge. Our individual growth reflects the advancement of the species.” Carl Sagan

Watching Judah's brain develop is fascinating. All those cliches about learning something new every day and growing before your eyes are tired and true but are overused for a reason. They are correct. Carl Sagan said it in Cosmos and I've been watching the history of human development on a microcosmic scale for the last three years. We started with grunts and gestures and cave drawings and have moved into the basics of verbal communications. The other day I watched him build a little Stonehenge in the sandbox and realized it wasn't a timepiece or temple it was just a cool exercise in how many rocks can we get standing upright before they all fall down.

Some of the most fascinating parts of my day are watching him when he doesn't know I'm watching. I sneak up and watch him through the window at school or in this case hide a camera in his room when he's supposed to be napping. Yes, there will be time a time when he needs his privacy and I'll stop spying on him but as long as he needs me to wipe is behind I think I have the right to record him at play and publish it to YouTube. (At least I figured out what all the hammering was.)

Now, admittedly, this video isn't for everyone. It's an hour of naptime condensed into 3.5 minutes. As his dad though, I sat through the unedited version riveted and on the edge of my seat anxious to see what may happen next!

The Best Camera Is the One You Have With You


Growing up, my father was an avid photographer so there are many pictures of me as a little long legged Stork. This may be a little outside the norm for a child growing up before the digital age... in a much simpler time. Imagine that previous generations have just a handful of pictures they cherish from their childhood. A couple of grainy prints taken with an actual Instamatic. Not the same for today. I have more than a dozen gigabytes of pictures of Judah. And these are from just his few first years! These are just pictures. Add in the videos. And the audio recordings. And the images captured from the 'cribcam' I built. And the cellphone snapshots! Considering image quality is just going to get better... my future will be an exponential curve of gigabytes stored.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. I always have a camera with me... and not all the pictures are the best but I can't seem to delete them. And then I add a smart filter to the image and keep both the original and the edited - just in case.

I've been compiling clips from the almost three years of cellphone video's taken since birth. Here is the result up to the present, a few months shy of his third birthday.

Everyday... it's something new

All those stories about them learning something new everyday... are true. A few days ago we taught Judah to throw and chase a soccer ball. Now he is kicking it around like a pro. And looks much more natural at it than I ever did after five scoreless years playing soccer. In the 80's, and probably still now, soccer was the game parents made their unathletic kids play when they spent too much time inside.Lesson learned. We are spending spring break week at the beach and we've been 'running it out of him' everyday. Unlike my childhood soccer memories, he seems to enjoy it.

Get Your Sticky Fingers Off My Tablet!


Spending money on myself has a whole new meaning now that there is a child in tow. When I buy myself a toy, I like to think that it will also have an educational use for him. Not always the case... as in Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3. When I bought the Kindle Fire I hoped I'd be able to load it up with apps for him too. Supervised use only... no sticky fingers allowed. Today we finger painted... much cleaner than actual finger paint!