Google Voice Poetry

I started using Google Voice months back on my G1 android phone to transcribe my voice mails. When you leave me a message, I get an email containing the text version of that message. While I can still listen to the voice mail, most of the time the email is enough to give me the gist of what the call is about. Often if provides hilarious results as Google has a much harder time with some voices over others. I call it Google Voice Poetry. My Nana's messages provide the best results. Sorry Nana... these emails were to priceless not to share! In this voicemail, she is thanking us for the peanut butter we sent as a birthday present to my grandfather.

Peanut butter lovers shows that you have a diabetic

Hi, silverware, have you been a big we've been trying to call you.Yeah, Susan that boggled got his presence and expected today and I put it, and I live a falling out of his mouth because of the recipient.Peanut butter lovers shows that you have a diabetic.That's 98.Wanted to talk to her.We're going to do.It was great stories birthday tonight baby socks taking a shower but I'd like to hear more.You know about what's going on, so if you're outside.Dan or something, call me okay.Have you bought.Thank you Susan,You are great.God bless. Bye bye. Plus.

Note: "Peanut butter lovers shows that you have a diabetic" is "We're peanut butter lovers you two shouldn't have done it."

This is from my father asking about the snow storm in Baltimore. I had put some pictures up online. Google does a better job transcribing his text.

Capitalist want to know covered in snow

Still Smell in. 11:30 on Sunday. I saw the pictures. Capitalist want to know covered in snow. I checked with put furniture out in the street so you can park your car. Maybe you don't do that in your neighborhood. Call me. Love you.

And another one from my Nana. She leaves the best Google Voice Poetry.

I waved a way to go to bed

Hey Christopher Stork. I got your message tonight but I called you this is my start diet and I just want to know what's going on. Have more about it. And I also called her this afternoon because we got those two thousand years. If it for Paul upon you need to ask you about that anyway. Anyways, so I was wondering whether you have gotten my message and I call you last night i call you this morning colleagues. Hey, Ronald, I waved a way to go to bed, and I'm calling with tonight. I'd like to know what's going on with the baby in everything out okay. I'll be home. Martinez 11:30. Call me anytime you and suicides. Well port. Thank you very much for the presence and we love you and I hope everything is going on fun with the maybe if i bye.

Crew Scheduling asking me about a burger?

The samples in Chris Killing

Hey, Good. The samples of Chris killings. I'll have a question for you enjoyed your trip for tomorrow. If you have a chance. Gimme a call back. Have a quick questions, I wonder if you can show a burger. If you can give me a call back. Thanks.

As you can read, the results are not perfect but for the first time in alone while, I enjoy getting voicemails! My recorded message used to say, "Don't leave a message, send me a text." I want to change it to, "Leave as long and detailed of a message as you want... and maybe do it with a mouthful of food!"

Reading about the death of newspapers - in the New York Times - on my Kindle

Since owning a Kindle, I have paid for more printed news content in a year than I have in the whole of my literate life. Oh, I've been a reader of news for a long time, I just read what I find... and spending as much time in airports as I do, I find a lot. I stole a Wall Street Journal from a sleeping guy once. I got a shoe shine in ATL on a long sit just so I could read a Financial Times. And I can't tell you how many times I've lifted the complimentary copy of papers outside the premium members door in hotels.But, since owning a Kindle... I pay a monthly price for The Baltimore Sun (5.99) a few NYTimes and Wall Street Journals a week (.75 each) and a handful of magazines. While certainly not enough to cover the operating expenses of these papers, it is significantly less cost to them. Could the industry as a whole gather their forces to market this medium? Could the power players subsidize the cost of Kindles to its premium print subscribers along with a contract on digital subscriptions? I enjoy consuming my news digitally and look forward to more Kindle versions before the print Papers go out of business all together. And no inky fingers!

What’s on my dock


As friends make the jump from windows to mac - I often get asked what mac apps to use? Where are some good places to get software? What's in your dock? Here is what is currently in my dock... some programs I use often - others I recently downloaded and need them visable so I remember to try them out. Most are free... I left out the standards "I" Programs. Itunes and whatnot.

My Dock

  • djay - Uses Itunes tracks with two digital turntables.. not sure what to do with it. But's it's fun to play with. Now I really have two turntables and a microphone.
  • quicksilver - A quick app launcher. the precurser to 'spotlight'. It works much faster than spotlight and has many plugins to make the program dig deeper into your computer. It searches bookmarks and address book entries as well as Ichat logs.
  • appzaper - They had it free one day. It's a great way to delete apps and makes a cool sound when deleting. Like uninstall for windows in that it deletes many of the leftover pieces of the programs when you zap.
  • Flame - Shows what services are being offered by computers on your network.
  • bluecoconut - Allows you to 'borrow' music from shared itunes libraries on local networks. Fun to use in airports when you see dozens of libraries. I like to walk around and try and identify the human with their playlist. Of all the libraries I've 'browsed'... regardless of how obscure or common - EVERYONE has The Beatles and Eminem.
  • senuti - Takes music from you ipod back to mac. itunes <> senuti.
  • vlc - A great media player. Plays most formats.
  • azureus - A bit torrent client. I like the RSS plugin that downloads recently posted torrents in the genre's you assign.
  • firefox - Webbrowser with many user created themes/plugins to enhance your browsing. The plugins I use most - All-in-one sidebar, Bigmenot,, dictionary search, Digg This, Downloadthemall, Flashgot, Forecastfox, Foxytunes, Google Calendar Quick Add, Greesemonkey, IE View, PDF download, ReloadEvery, Stop-or-Reload Button, TrackmeBot, VideoDownloader.
  • istumbler - Finds hotspots.
  • vienna - Free newsreader.
  • google earth - Earth through the eyes of Google.
  • stellarium - Planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars.
  • celestia - The free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions.
  • skype - Free voice over IP client.
  • fire - A great instant messanger client.
  • second life - Virtual reality second world.
  • renamer4mac - Allows you to easily rename items in bulk.
  • deliciouslibrary - Catalog your home library. DVD's, games, books.
  • activity monitor - MenuMeters is a set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools.
  • ipodder lemon - Podcatcher sometimes called 'juice'.

Menubar items

  • Todos - This is great program for launching, finding apps. It shows all apps on your mac by icon.
  • pod2go - Puts news and gas prices and weather and email on your ipod. audioscrobbler - Stats for itunes. Builds charts on your listening habits and shows 'friends' who have similiar listening habits. slimbatterymonitor - Replaces your battery icon with one that is a little more customizable. alarmclock2 - Wake up to itunes playlists.

I use to save my bookmarks online. The sites I've saved with the "TAG" mac are here. Most are lists like this one of mac software.

I'm the intro guy!

My Intro on The Daily Source Code A podcast superstar... in my own mind. Months back - Adam Curry, from The Daily Source Code, read 'on net' a silly little email I wrote to him about listening to his show in the airplane on long trips. The next day his reading was spliced into his show intro. Since then... it's been in every intro. Now, to up the anti, the guys from "Voices from the Vault" turned it into a hit test. They had 8 podcasters read the intro for Adam to guess on his show. Several of my favorites "Coverville","Dawn and Drew" and "Rock and Roll Radio Geek" read for him. If only Leo Laporte would have offered his voice...

My Ebay buyer died

I think my EBAY buyer DIED

After a few years buying on ebay I finally decided to sell something. Stuff is accumulating in our little rowhome and it's time to spring clean. Since I already had a paypal account - the setup was simple. After taking a few pictures - I was on my way. I listed four items and after a few days a duel had broken out between two dudes for my laptop printer. I listed the printer for thirty bucks and quickly the battle took it over the 50 dollar mark a nickel at a time. I was watching a neck and neck race between two strangers. The bid ended around 60 bucks with my buyer from Tennessee. He gave me extra for next day mail. I assumed he was in a hurry to print something. I left a personal note inside asking for feedback and thanking him for his purchase and all the little stuff I like when i buy from ebay. I cashed out his paypal money and shipped off the package. I did err by not calculating the exact weight of the package and shortchanged myself a bit. No big deal - first timer. I watched my feedback daily hoping to get some stars! I need help erasing a negative remark years back when i forget to buy a 50 cent vintage postcard from some jackass. He left some horrible remarks over 50 cents. My printer came back last week. No feedback from my buyer. No mail saying he never recieved his package. The package is covered in "no pickup" stamps. I think my ebay buyer died.

My touch with fame - geek fame

Last week I emailed Adam Curry a story about listening to his podcast at altitude. I checked my mail daily like a schoolgirl and danced like a nancy when he not only acknowledged my email but read it on air. Since then, my email has been turned into a mashup and now part of his show opener. Here are the two files.

Audio clips

To subscribe to his podcast go to