Returning from vacation - time to catch up on the news


I returned to work yesterday from a three week vacation with the family. While at work and living on the road I have lots of downtime that I fill with 'entertainment' that I would never make time for at home. Bad movies on cable, aimless walks around Wal-Mart and celebrity gossip magazines.

US, Star, People and the like are often the most left behind magazines by passengers in the airplane. Is this because they are disposable and easily consumed or are they the most purchased magazines in the airport? Whatever the answer, I love it when I find three competing issues from the same week! I call it a trash-fecta and have made a game where I see if I can find the same shot of the same celeb in the same location taken by the same paparazzi. Even thought my game is as mind numbing as the crossword puzzles and word searches in back of the 'publication' it amazes me when I see someone has taken the time to play them! "Three letter first name of The Price is Right host ... Barker"

Much like the gossip rags I read in the cockpit during sits between flights, I often feel myself getting dumber in hotels when I get sucked into watching "Jersey Shore" or any of the "Real Housewives" shows. My justification is that I'm alone with nothing else to do and that at least I don't waste my time when I'm home wondering about who Snooki is going to hook up with next. Yeah, I know MIT offers many lectures online for free as part of their Open Courseware initiative but I've had such a long and stressful day flying and navigating and endlessly studying images in gossip mags that I just need a break when I check into the Hampton Inn.