Good thing I wear a hat to work. Yep, no shampoo.


I've had periods in my life when personal hygene wasn't on the top of my list. There were times when I'd use anything that lathered to wash my hair if I was out of shampoo or better yet, something else was closer. I even was told that seawater and toothpaste makes dreadlocks so I 'bathed' in the ocean for a week with a tube of Crest.

So, that being said... I'm not all that disappointed when I'm forced to improvise in a hotel.

There are times when you get all decaf and no regular coffee for the coffee maker. Sometimes you get two fitted sheets on the bed that wrap around you like a burrito. And then there are the days when there is no shampoo but two hairnets.

Today, I will lather twice and rinse once... with soap. And if things don't work out and my already nappy hair turns even nappier - I've got a hat I can tuck it all up under.