The latest in our adoption journey - said with a heavy heart.

We’ve come across many unexpected obstacles in the 7 weeks since Judah’s birth and navigated several stressful events in the three months prior but the latest, unfortunately, is the most serious one yet. Through it all, when people would sympathize with the lack of sleep brought on by a newborn, I would laugh and say, “He is the easiest part!”Judah’s biological father, who has been non-existent since our adoption journey began has filled out his court ordered documentation objecting to the adoption. He had been notified several times by the lawyers before the birth about his rights and never responded. This time, with just a few days before his right to object was about to expire, he did respond. Let me say this, if we had any idea that he wanted a son, we would never have gotten involved... we are not interested in breaking families. And now, even as much as it breaks our hearts, understand that he has the right to a child if he honestly pursues this course of action with Judah’s interests in mind. It is going to be a long journey for us but we plan on staying the course and raising our son as ours until we learn otherwise. This doesn’t mean the adoption is over - it just means there is more to be done. The next few months will tell if the objection was filed out of love or hate. For us, it has been heart wrenching. I’ll have my mind on something else and look over and see tears welling in my wife’s eyes. Often, she will look over and see the same. We have periods of uncontrollable stress and depression but like everything else we’ve been through, as soon as we pick Judah up - it all goes away. Like I’ve said before during each of our other hurdles, he resets the stress clock. The hardest part is as soon I start to fantasize about our future as a family the vision of us having to go on without him pops up and my dreams turn to nightmares. We’ve been through many stressful events so far that have caused us grief and sleepless nights and looking back I hardly recall what they were. I’m sure when this passes, the same will happen.