Make a High Contrast Mobile from

I'm not sure if Judah is going to grow up to be a pilot or a giraffe trainer... he spends a lot of time looking up at the ceiling. The area above his crib is pretty plain so I thought I'd make a mobile for him to look at while he drifts off to sleep listening to music from his Ipod (Docked, or course. They don't make earbuds his size.)Before he was born, I made a simple mobile out or origami swans and although it's pretty to look at, I wanted to make this one more stimulating for him. When he gets older, I think I'll tell him the swans are actually storks. I found directions on for a High Contrast Baby Mobile.

High-Res Mobile The Instructable page has a link to another site with print-outs for the images. I used a glue stick and attached them to cardboard. Since the baby came our way... we have lots of cardboard laying around from shipments of Diapers and formula and darned near everything else. I'll explain the joy of the Amazon Prime account on another post!

High-Res Mobile This face is creepy... and I'm an adult who knows it's just a face printed off the internet. Imagine what it looks like to a newborn!

High-Res Mobile I bent some old metal coat hangers for the arms of the mobile. I had to wear Judah since I wanted each arm to be one baby's length each.

High-Res Mobile I clipped the bottoms off three hangers and taped them together at the top using some electrical tape. I wanted to tape the entire hanger over but I ran out since I used most of the tape to affix a headlight to our car. This headlight has been a nightmare in itself which leads me to believe someone stole our light after someone stole theirs as it has been such a headache finding all the replacement parts. I


The face in the middle is pretty creepy when the mobile is in motion. Everything else is a swirl and that face just slowly rotates. If he can dream - that face will certainly cause nightmares!