A Fully Loaded Bjorn!

It's rare that I try pants on when I buy them but if I do the only thing I am looking for is pocket depth. I don't really care how they make me look or even if they fit right. I'm interested in how much stuff I can carry around when wearing them. This is something they should put on the sign - I don't care if it's a boot cut or an ankle cut... I want pocket capacity on the label.

Since having a baby I've become a big fan of the Bjorn! When he's not it in I like to wear it and pretend I'm an off duty cop wearing my gun vest around the house. I want to load it up with gear and go to a bar and have them hang it on an antler while I knock back a few pints.

I'm looking for the perfect accessory to the Bjorn. A friend suggested a fishing vest or an ammo jacket. In the meantime I'm fitting it the best I can with my gear... bottles and burp cloths and charged containers of powdered formula, my Ipod. And, of course, the baby.