The giving tapestry

Early on in college I bought a tapestry to hang on the walls of my dorm room. Since then it has been many things to me. I've used it on the walls and the ceilings of many rooms and I've taken it in the woods camping when I was too young to care that it didn't provide much warmth. I've taken it to wine tastings and concerts. Last year we took it to Bonnaroo and made fabric walls to hang along the sides of our canopy to keep the sun out. The other morning, while feeding Judah, I found a new use... one I doubt I would have ever considered when I bought it from the "Wooden Nickle" in Tampa in the early 90's.

In 1994 I had it hanging on the ceiling of my dorm room.

dorm tapestry

In 1998 I had it on the wall of the room I was renting.

apt '98?

In 2009 we used it at Bonnaroo as a fabric wall.

And in 2010 I found it to make a pretty nice swaddle!

2010-02-07 06.57.32

And yes, I've washed it over the years. Maybe not as often as I should... but before wrapping a baby in it.