Awaiting the baby

Now we wait. Who would have thought the baby would go full term? Maybe it would be different if the baby was in our belly and we had some signs or something. Maybe we'd know "This is it... today is the day. Pack your bags honey... we're fixin to go!"As it is, all we can do it wait... constantly checking our phones. Everyday is Christmas Eve, Groundhog day and a snow day - wrapped up in one. The due date is less than a week away and we've been keeping ourselves busy by keeping busy. I've organized my LP's a few times and mopped and vacuumed and today I may wax the floors. I've been intentionally leaving chores undone to give me something to do the next day.

On a personal note though...

I beat my high score in the long jump on my arcade version of Track and Field and have leveled up to 52 on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on XboxLive and have gotten so good online, that I have begun talking trash.

But in the meantime, we wait. Maybe we'll watch some movies.