Cats in the cradle

As we unbox gifts from friends and family and ready the nursery... the cats definitely sense change is in the air! We've done our best to keep the room animal free since it's the one room in the house not overrun with dust bunnies and tumbling tumble weeds of animal hair. The dogs are curious but as long as they get fed... the don't seem to mind to much. The cats on the other hand know something is up. Turn your back for a second and they've snuck in through a partially open door. Look again, and they are in the crib.Apparently, this is their Camelot... their Fortress of Solitude. I'm sure this will pose a problem when they learn it's not for them and they're just keeping it warm for the true owner. I think in their eyes this is the one place they can relax out of sight of the dogs. This is one place they can rest easily... until I come around with the camera. Of the two cats, we've had Leroy the longest. When we brought Agador Spartacus home, it took weeks before Leroy would look us in the eye. As soon as we would walk in, he'd turn his back and continue to pivot as you walked by so his face was opposite ours the whole time. While it may be fun and games now to play in the crib and sniff around the new boxes - I'm guessing the same jealousy will arise once another human enters the nest.