The Storks are nesting…

We are building the nest... tying up the loose ends. The 'stork' metaphor will end with the first reference to regurgitation. Maybe it will last long enough for him to take his first flight! For now though, we are building the nest. We registered for baby supplies. We hate doing this. We had the same feelings when it was time to register for our wedding. "Do you have a wedding registry?" "We want to buy you things." "Do you like wicker?" It's that time again. We carried the price gun around and spent a day last weekend registering at both Babies 'R Us and Target. We started online but were overwhelmed with the digital choices so we went in - old school style. The online setup was rushed and in the store the clerk look at us and our bellies and asked, "Um... concerning the event date... you put yesterday?"

Now, to be honest, we really didn't know what to register for since so many things seem to get decided upon after birth. What bottle will he like? Does he want his wipes heated? Does he like Keith Haring enough to wear a bib or will he think the family sold out... by making bibs? We suffered from paralysis by analysis when looking at the thermometers!

I was more reserved with the price gun this time around so don't expect to see the Duracell batteries, tire irons or game consoles like on the wedding registry.

So, without further ado. Each logo will take you to our registry.

For those who asked, thanks in advance. We really do feel awkward sharing with people what we need... so again, we are very grateful to have such loving and supportive friends and family!

Our boy is due any day now with the official due date 1.9.10. Since there is a 30 day period after the birth before the adoption is official, we will hold off on any baby showers until after that. But after that - party time at the Storks Nest!