I used to watch alot of Fanny at my Nana's house

Plenty of sick days from Grade School were spent at my Nana's in Tampa watching this show from her king sized bed. I think it was on at 1pm while she was watching Days of Our Lives in the other room. (Side note - I threw up on her new carpet one day and while she was yelling at me for puking she started throwing up. As a result, if it was "Bridge" day, I'd sleep in the back of her car in her friends driveway while they were inside drinking Martini's and playing cards. The ladies were afraid I had a weak stomach and would ruin their carpet.)Back to the show. Looking back on it now - being as that I watched this show during my formative years, I'm sure it went into shaping who I am today. I can look back at most of the babysitting tv show's of the 80's and see a little of me from each of them. Liar's Club followed by hours of Mr Wizards World and I could blow stuff up with household cleaning products and then come up with a pretty good story to explain why the toaster oven was broken. I hope kids today have the same relationship with TV that I did then. I think Tivo and time shifting and avoiding commercials certainly has an effect though. I'm sure kids now don't have the same disappointment when they get a toy and can't have nearly the same amount of fun the kids in the commercials were having. They always grew up with an entire jungle scene in their back yard to drive their remote control cars though. Or they could play with the G.I. Joe characters in the swamp their mom was cultivating outside the wrap around porch. I'd get the same toys and drive my cars over mounds of shag pillows to have their wheels get stuck in the threads or have G.I. Joe hiding in a spaghetti strainer while Snake Eyes hung out behind the blender. Sure in made us imaginative but it also taught us that life is better on TV. I guess with reality shows as prevalent as they are now - kids must realize this is it.

Liar's Club w/ Fanny Flag