Simpsons - opening night

Susan and I went to opening night of the Simpsons movie. THE opening night. The midnight showing at select theaters opening night. First of all - movie = Awesome. But it was the crowd that made it funny. Laugh Out Loud Funny. One of the treats of the episodes is that there is no laugh track so they can squeeze that many more jokes in that you would normally miss because of the laughing. In the theater - many jokes flew by because of the laughing... but the catharis of laughing with you peers was a hell of a good time. The movie was to begin at midnight and as you can imagine - MANY people were there early to save dozens of seats for their friends. Now get this - at 12:15 there was still no movie. Grumblings about refering to issues with the curtain maybe. I get up to grab some water and here a manager say to an employee, "Get theaters 15 and 16 cleaned now!"

I flies right by me.

12:20 and Susan asks what's up.

I say, "Now that you mention it..." and I told her about the manager.

She says I'm gonna stake out a seat! I'll call you.

She leaves and the manager does indeed make a speech.

"Lets make this as easy as possible. We're having issues with the screen, We've opened up theaters 15 and 16.........."

Unable to finish. Mass EXODUS!

I call Susan... she has seats for us.

Now! in the new theater.

More Issues.

12:30 and nothing.

People heckle - but as Simpsons fans - it's simpsons heckles.

"Worst theater, Ever!"

and then a "Ha....Ha...."

and Grandpa Simpson said something.

And the previews start... and then they stop.

and more heckles.

and they start again and stop several times.

And through it all - the crowd laughed never getting too excited.

And when the movie started - it was laugh out loud funny!