2 blondes (one real & one assisted), 2 planes & 2 weeks in india

so in 9 days sarah and i'll be flying to india to explore, discover and fall in love with the beautiful settings of the unknown.

we planned this trip many mouths ago and it is finally just around the corner. i've been there once before when i was a bit younger and a bit more naive. i wonder if the past seven years of finding myself will add to the experiences and moments in the most beautiful place i've ever laid eyes on?

sarah is by far the best travel companion one could ask for...she's creative, practical, resourceful and fun. i look forward to our adventures together traveling from new delhi to kolkata. we've refranined from planning too much, because we desire for the adventures to unfold for themselves. however, the taj mahal, varanasi, the ganges and a couple bird & animal sanctuaries are on our list.

if anyone has any advice, comments or suggestions, please pass them on.