C.S.I. Baltimore

We were woken up buy several very abrupt knocks on the front door at 2am this morning. Luckily, I'm feeling under the weather and had called off a two day trip. I say 'lucky' because had I had not called out my alarm clock would have been going off in about an hour and I'd been pissed. With Bella the 60 pound pit mix away on vacation this week I thought I could ignore the knocks for abit until they assumed we were gone. Had she have been here - she would have let us know someone was there before the knocking. After a few more forceful pounds on the door I looked out the window to see who it was. A Maryland State Police car had the one way road blocked outside our house with lights flashing. Still, when answering the door, I let out a bellowing "Who is it." "Maryland State Police! Open the door!" Knowing my innocence, it was actually kind of fun. If only they were filming COPS. I opened the door to be greeted with a flashlight in the eyes and a "We're looking for @#$##@$#$@!" I'm not censoring. It was 2AM. MY brain was not into store information mode. When I said I wasn't him and I've been in the house for 5 years they seemed pleased and started to turn. "Do you wanna see some ID or something?" I asked. "Yeah, That's a good idea." They said walking back to the door. I guess it was 2AM for them as well.