Who’s the boss?

I would have missed more school as a kid if Tony Danza had a talkshow rather than a blue van full of Milano's. I've learned so much from daytime tv today. The day began with the Orange County Chopper guys taking me on a tour of Ireland, Scotland and France! Even though I was comfortably nestled in my Nashville Double Tree bed with my free cookie - i could almost smell the exhaust from the vintage Triumph motorcycles they were loaned! During commercials I flipped between some shitty MTV show about rich kids and their sweet 16th birthday party and PeeWee's Big Adventure. There is no basement at the Alamo.

But the real treat came from Mr. Danza. You can't really apreciated how crappy his show is simply from seeing Conan make fun of him at 1am. I thought his show was pretty bad then but those were just outtakes!

Today we made chocolate eggs by draining the egg out of the shell through a small hole (VERY CAREFULLY). To make this work, you have to make faces and dance around and look like an italian clown wearing a tight sweater. All the women went wild!

Next you fill the eggshell with chocolate and let it cool. Tadaa! It is very important to sterilize the inner egg shell with boiling water and vinegar or when you crack the shell it may smell like egg. Tony did his best to imitate the face you would make when you are caught off guard by tasting egg in your milk chocolate. All the women went wild! I think they have cue cards.

The greatest thing about daytime tv... at least for me are the commercials and the things I learn.

The tampons with braided string allow you to jump in the pool with your friends. I guess when women menstruate they lose something in their bodies natural buoyancy and fear they may sink but with these braided tampons they get some sort of extra inflation to keep them upright. It works like a waterwing, I guess?