Not all things are taught in class.

Today was my first day in the new plane - the EMB 170. I've been stuck in a classroom for a few months and flew the sims around for a few weeks after that. Hours upon hours of systems training and aircraft limitations. In the plane today - everything fell into place. All the stuff from the book was where it was supposed to be as were all the buttons. I did come across one thing that wasn't specifically touched upon in class. My instuctor leaves the cockpit at altitude to hit the lav and locks the door behind him - locking me in the cockpit. Upon his return, I realize I am not 100 percent certain as how to open the door for him. While the other plane had a mechanical lock, this one has an electromechanical one. No big deal. Took a few seconds to find the right button. Just made me laugh that not all things can be covered in class. On a better note - although it was my first time landing this plane - I greased it on like I'd been doing it for years!