My Ebay buyer died

I think my EBAY buyer DIED

After a few years buying on ebay I finally decided to sell something. Stuff is accumulating in our little rowhome and it's time to spring clean. Since I already had a paypal account - the setup was simple. After taking a few pictures - I was on my way. I listed four items and after a few days a duel had broken out between two dudes for my laptop printer. I listed the printer for thirty bucks and quickly the battle took it over the 50 dollar mark a nickel at a time. I was watching a neck and neck race between two strangers. The bid ended around 60 bucks with my buyer from Tennessee. He gave me extra for next day mail. I assumed he was in a hurry to print something. I left a personal note inside asking for feedback and thanking him for his purchase and all the little stuff I like when i buy from ebay. I cashed out his paypal money and shipped off the package. I did err by not calculating the exact weight of the package and shortchanged myself a bit. No big deal - first timer. I watched my feedback daily hoping to get some stars! I need help erasing a negative remark years back when i forget to buy a 50 cent vintage postcard from some jackass. He left some horrible remarks over 50 cents. My printer came back last week. No feedback from my buyer. No mail saying he never recieved his package. The package is covered in "no pickup" stamps. I think my ebay buyer died.