Our Lady of Perpetual Leaks

OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL LEAKS Forget our Lady of Lourdes or the wailing wall... I think it's about time we consecrate our shower. It's a miracle of plumbing! If a vision were to appear we'd name her Our Lady of Perpetual Leaks. This plumbing wonder has been flowing for a year or so now. As a recovering Catholic I'd go as far as to call it holy water. We've had numerous plumbers make the pilgrimage to our place all leaving in various states of disbelief. Even "The City Papers Best Plumber in Baltimore" scratched his head and said, "no charge. good luck." He ran out the door failing to genuflect but did make the sign of the cross before getting in his car.

Of all the plumbers who've come by, only Mike's Plumbing has returned for a follow up. "More Caulk" is the standard diagnosis. And caulked i've done. "I've caulked the shit out of it." I reply. "I'm on the case." This time Mike is on the job. No lacky is man enough for this one.

I'm hoping tomorrows's visit is from a priest. An exorcism is what we may need.